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Brief History

Our Story

Unique Group Ltd (“UGL” or the “Company”) was incorporated in November 2008 as a private limited company with focus on seven core areas of investment with very promising outlook. The management had earlier commenced trading in real estate which later became the real estate sector of Unique Group

The group had plans to invest massively in real estate development, Auto sales, merchandise and financial services. The group had procured credit via its real estate and automobile arms and invested in real estate, automobile and manufacturing. It had successfully developed and marketed luxury residential apartments in the upper neighborhood within Lagos, an upper class segment of the Lagos metropolitan. It still holds prime properties in this neighborhood for speculation and development.

In the automobile sector, we are No 1 G wagon Mercedes in custom finishing.  It has successfully brought to life a numbers of custom finished cars for low and high class users with its supply within Nigeria. The automobile centres has a strategic relationship within Nigeria and beyond, an international automobile brand to trade with its brand name in West Africa.

Following the World credit crisis, the group has pruned down its investment drive and now wants to focus on real estate, merchandise and automobile sales in the medium term. The group wants to develop further five arm subsidiaries under our portfolios. It has acquired large expanse of land in Lagos state, Nigeria, a developing area (the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria) to build low cost housing.

Corporate Governance

We have created a unique corporate governance structure.
We have our Board of Directors, which is comprised of our Chairman, Executive Vice Chairman and other Executives and a Non-Executive Vice Chairman who serves as a Senior Independent Director.
The Unique Group also has an Advisory Board comprised of all Senior Executives of the Company and retained consultants and is headed by an Advisory Board Chairman.
The Group Managing Director serves as the Executive Vice Chairman. We further have a Management Board headed by the Group Managing Director that meets forth nightly to implement the recommendations of the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board and see to it that the company operates along strict ethical principles.

Vision Parameters

  • Transparency – We want to be transparent in all our operational processes.
  • Innovation – We want to be innovative.
  • Efficient – We want to be efficient in all our operational processes.
  • Best – We want our companies to be the best in each sector they operate.
  • Proactive – We want to be proactive in order to seize opportunities as they arise.
Our Leadership Team

Meet the Experts

All of us at Unique Group Limited (UGL)  are committed to providing you with all your investment needs in real estate and auto mobile luxury.

Mr Adesina S. Adebiyi

Chairman & CEO

Mrs Unique Adesina

Executive Director

Brown Chimezie Wayne Jnr.

Consultant/Project Operations
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Chairman & CEO

Mr Adesina S. Adebiyi

Adesina is a renounced Business magnate with over 17 years’ experience  in business across real estate, automobile, general merchandise, oil & gas as well as in general business financing.

He holds a BSC Degree in ELECTRICAL/ Electronic studies from the University of Canterbury, Kent. Mr Adesina is a guru in property finance, automobile and trading and is very versatile in the origination , conception, structuring and completion of a wide range of upscale developments of luxury detached housing units in the local Nigerian market and has completely redesigned and developed the Omole residential Lagos skyline. He also possesses an excellent advisory skill in project implementation. Adesina is also the CEOs of Big Bounty Int'l LTD and Unique Motors, 2ACE OIL AND GAS LTD with partners across Europe, America, Asia and United Kingdom. He is very competent in the financial and administrative runnings which ensures proper adherence to company's policies by guiding it's operations against targets as well as reporting its financial progress. The No 1 Nigerian G. Wagon Mercedes Benz custom Specialist. He is a lover of MERCEDES BENZ, AMG ,FAST CARS AND BIG ENGINE. He is married and God fearing man.

Adesina Adebiyi

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Executive Director

Mrs Unique Adesina

Abidemi is highly motivated professional with pragmatic experience in the business management, she obtained a B.A (HONS) Degree in from Lagos state university in 2010. She has worked in various reputable organizations acquiring various experience in management, administration and customer relations. She is a team player with ability to work under pressure, multitasking and highly proactive. She joined Unique Group in 2013 and she is currently the executive director and had since been handling the operations of the organization with enviable professionalism. She is happily married with kids.

Abidemi Adesina

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Consultant/Project Operations

Brown Chimezie Wayne Jnr.

Wayne is a member of the Institute of Security Nigeria (MISN) and currently the Chief Executive Officer of Urban Estate Platinum Services, a real estate practicing consulting firm. He studied strategic planning and operations in security management in university of Lagos Nigeria. Mr Wayne is very versatile in management aspect as well as strategic planning and security operations. He is highly competent in property consulting, business developing, marketing and general business management. In addition, he has over 12 Years experience in real estate, general business and property consulting. He is the head directing the affairs of projects operations, marketing and consulting.

Brown Wayne